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Preaching the Power of Faith in Jesus Christ throughout Europe. Updated every Monday and Friday.

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Have faith in God, Part 1

15 hours ago

“Have faith IN GOD!” THIS is the crux of our faith. Our faith is not in people, it’s not in the preacher or the evangelist. Our faith has to be directly IN GOD! We have to emphasise this when we talk about faith. Too many people look to me, and think I’m some healer… No! God is the Healer. I explain this in every evangelistic meeting before I pray for the sick, “I am NOT a healing evangelist! Jesus is the Healer, He’s the One you have to ask!” And I teach them how to call on Him for their healing.

We are the Glory of God on earth

5 days ago

ALL the earth will see the Glory of God – in us who have believed – WE are to be the Glory of God! We are the witness, we are the evidence! Come on! You and I have to cross that Jordan, you and I must not look at the difficulties, we must go in faith. Look, the problems exist, I don’t deny the problems, God doesn’t deny the problems. But as Joshua and Caleb believed, it doesn’t matter how big the problem, how great the armies are – they have no power over you – God will always give the victory! Come on, rise up in the Name of the Lord!

Be strong and courageous, Pt 2

Monday Oct 11, 2021

God is calling us to trust Him. This is a strong challenge to us as believers: How long will it be before we respond and do what He says?!!! Yes, God knows, faith does not come easily, because in Numbers 14.11, He says to Moses, ‘“How long before they will believe in Me, for all the signs which I have shown among them?”’ In other words, God is saying, “Look, I’ve given so many proofs and demonstrations of My faithfulness and My Power, how much more do I have to do?!!!” God is always demonstrating His Power, always calling us to trust Him – and He never, ever fails!

Be strong and courageous, Pt 1

Friday Oct 08, 2021

I want to reveal faith to you in a unique way. Some of the greatest illustrations of faith are not in the New Testament, but in the Old. I want to look at the book of Numbers, Chapters 13 and 14. To me, the story of the 12 spies sent to spy out the Promised Land is a tremendous challenge. The children of Israel were still in the wilderness, and it had taken them a long time to get to border of the Promised Land. Now the command of the Lord to Moses is to pick twelve representatives from each of the twelve tribes, and to send them to see for themselves what the future was. I find this very interesting, because they were actually sent out to see the future!

Your Christian experience is alive through faith

Monday Oct 04, 2021

Whether through sickness, trial, or persecution - whatever is happening in your life – through it all we have to realise that holding onto God by faith is the only way into the Kingdom! 

By faith we believe God will do what He promised

Friday Oct 01, 2021

By faith we believe God will do what He promised! Somehow we have to understand and accept THIS challenge in the day in which we live! Whether it’s through Covid, or through persecution, or through whatever is happening in your life – through it all we have to realise that holding onto God by faith is the only way into the Kingdom!

Faith with works is alive and active

Monday Sep 27, 2021

Faith is a tremendous challenge. Because James 2.20, ‘Faith without works is dead!” In other words, if your faith is not something that is operational and practical, something by which you are living, something you are going to DO SOMETHING ABOUT, that faith is NOT faith! Faith is only evidenced by what you do, by how you live! I cannot myself find stronger words than James uses here, faith without the work to accomplish it is dead! Dead! There are so many whose faith is dead. Simply because it only exists in theory, but never in practice.

Your faith is a firm and secure anchor

Friday Sep 24, 2021

Your faith is a firm and secure anchor. Faith is not a theory, it’s not a ‘religion’. It’s some thing different. It’s a gift, and it works! James 1.6 says, ask in faith without wavering, because he that wavers – is like a wave of the sea! I’m a sailor. I’m all too familiar with the waves – and the wind that drives the waves and tosses them about. The stronger the wind, the bigger the waves! James is saying, your faith MUST NOT BE LIKE THAT! It’s got to be consistent; it’s got to be stable and strong. Not UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN! So many of us Christians, one day we’re up, and the next day we’re down. We’ve got to be consistent, because v7 says, if we’re not, ‘Let not that man think he shall receive anything from the Lord!” You’ve got to be consistent, and you CANNOT, like so many people, be UP one day and DOWN the next! Your faith has to be – LEVEL!!! God doesn’t waver, God doesn’t get blown about by the wind, God isn’t like the sea! God is consistent and stable. Our faith has to be anchored in that – in the stability, in the consistency of believing and knowing God!

The Reward of Faith

Monday Sep 20, 2021

Faith is more valuable than gold! Even gold can perish and wear out, but faith, when it’s tested through fire, won’t fail. Faith that has been through the test will be found to praise and honour and glory when Christ comes back! When Christ comes, our reward, our witness and our testimony, is that we possess a faith that doesn’t fail! A faith that doesn’t give in, that doesn’t buckle under pressure. We need a faith that doesn’t bend, a faith that is constant and reliable – even when it goes through the ultimate test!

Approved through faith

Friday Sep 17, 2021

Without faith it is impossible to please God! I have discovered that if I want to please God, I have to let my faith loose, I’ve got to go out and DO the things which God has called me to do. That’s what pleases God! If you want to please Him, go out in faith and to do the impossible! But thank God we don't do these things alone. Hebrews 12 tells us that we are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses to this life of faith, so run with endurance the race God has set before us.


The Ministry of David Hathaway

Preaching the Power of Faith in Jesus Christ across Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Europe: Supporting Holocaust Survivors and Displaced Persons.

"I have a vision in my soul - Eurovision - a vision of Europe won for Christ. This vision is God's vision, God's desire - to see His Power, His Glory in Europe, and I will not rest until God fulfils this vision that He has put within my soul." - David Hathaway

Celebrating 70 years in ministry since he pastored his first church in Dorking, Surrey, June 1950, and held his first tent evangelism that same summer, David Hathaway is a British Evangelist who ministers worldwide. He has devoted his life to preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders, across Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Israel. 


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