David Hathaway

Prevailing Prayer (Sheltered in the Rock, with Vinesong)

Monday Apr 25, 2016

When there is a crisis in our lives our only hope is Christ, our only strategy is prayer. You - we - have to get an answer from God! When Jesus was on the earth, people asked Him direct for what they wanted. - We have to do the same, but through prayer. We have to learn again the power and effectiveness of prayer.  'Sheltered in the Rock' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

Intercession (Holy You are Holy, with Vinesong)

Monday Apr 18, 2016

What does the Bible say the ministry of Jesus is today? According to the Scripture the ongoing ministry of Jesus is to intercede on your behalf. Right now, Jesus is standing before the Father praying for you by name. Jesus is your personal intercessor. 'Jesus is at the right hand of God making intercession for us' (Romans 8:34). The Scripture also teaches, 'In the same way the Spirit also helps us in our weakness; for when we do not know how to pray as we should,the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches our hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.'  'Holy You are Holy' used by kind permission of Vinesong

Prayer (Releasing Your Power, with Vinesong)

Monday Apr 11, 2016

Wrestling with God is a question of learning how to pray. Anyone can 'pray', especially in a crisis. But it takes a real person of faith to get an answer. We must learn to prevail in prayer until the answer comes. In Genesis 32 the Bible days that Jacob wrestled with God all night; at dawn, God turned to Jacob and said, "As a prince you have power with God and with man, and have prevailed!" 'Releasing Your Power' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

Last Great Revival (Fire of Revival, with Vinesong)

Monday Apr 04, 2016

We're living in the last days, the days of the return of Christ, the days when we are going to see revival fire bursting upon the Church, poured on the Church, until the Church is going to be living and vibrant and working and believing and moving into spiritual victory - all in the preparation of the glorious return of Jesus. Those days are going to culminate with the sound like a trumpet, and that sound is going to echo from every building, and that trumpet will herald the return of Christ and suddenly in a blaze of Glory sweeping across the sky from the East to the West, Christ is going to take control, bind Satan, cast Him into a prison for 1000 years ... I'm prophesying what the prophets have been prophesying for 2000 years. I believe that this last great revival will begin amongst the Russian speaking peoples, sweep across Europe, and upon this revival, Christ will return, just as Hudson Taylor prophesied in 1889. 'Fire of Revival' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

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