David Hathaway

In whom do you trust?

Monday Nov 30, 2020

Our strength, our hope is in God, not in men! The world is facing so many crises at the moment; Isaiah says, why do you trust in material things and human power? Sooner or later they will fail. But God is so different! That’s why Scripture teaches us to put our trust in Him, believe what He says. If only we would take God at His Word, literally!!! We have to learn to have the confidence to believe God will do what He says! 

The God who answers by Fire

Friday Nov 27, 2020

Why is God allowing this pandemic? I don’t believe God has sent it, but I think it’s been permitted – for a reason! Just as here in 1 Kings you have three years of drought – in order that people may finally come to a decision, who will they serve? I believe Britain is in such a sinful godless state that God has to demonstrate and show His Power today. As Christians we have not only to pray, but to accept a challenge. It’s in my heart, it’s what I am praying over, that God will do something so incredible, so miraculous that there is no question – ONLY GOD COULD DO IT!

Between two decisions

Monday Nov 23, 2020

The challenge is, who is the real God? We’re faced with a major issue today. Many of us listening and watching this broadcast know the reality of God and His Power. But our nation doesn’t know Him, they are serving their own false gods, they’ll follow their own leaders, fashion and celebrity. They’re not seeking God, they’re ‘sitting on a fence’. We all must decide whom we will serve. 

God's supply is inexhaustible

Friday Nov 20, 2020

When we trust God, our bread and water, the basic necessities, everything we need for life, will always be there. The Power and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit will never run dry. It doesn’t matter how much I use the Holy Spirit, how much I pray, how many miracles I see, that precious cruse of oil of the Holy Spirit will never, ever run out. God’s supply is inexhaustible. I KNOW that! I have no fear of the future. I have no fear that the miracles of the past will diminish and go away. God has promised that He will never leave or forsake us, so we may boldly say: "The Lord is my helper; I will not fear."

Through faith we obey and receive

Monday Nov 16, 2020

Do you understand the power of faith to convince us that God will never ever, ever fail to keep His Promise?!! Even if everything around us seems to conspire against it, God won’t fail!!! Somebody once said, there are three levels of faith. The first level of faith is that you believe in something because all the evidence is there that it is going to happen. The second level is when you are believing for something and there is nothing at all to support or convince you that it could happen. But the third level of faith is when everything is against you – it can’t happen! Faith when it’s impossible, absolutely impossible. 

The substance and confidence of our faith

Friday Nov 13, 2020

The faith Paul is describing in Hebrews 11:1 is remarkable. For so many Christians, ‘faith’ is something ‘mythical’, ‘mystical’, something they should have, but they are not sure they do have it: I’m sick, and I wish I had the faith to believe that I could be healed... This is unfortunately an error and a tragedy in the Church. So many people say to me, “Oh I wish I had your faith that I could be healed, will you pray for me?” Yes, the gift of faith is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when I was 13, I read carefully where Paul says, “Covet earnestly the best gifts.” I read through the list and decided I would ask for the gift of faith. That has transformed the whole of my life. But it’s one gift you can never say you’ve got! Because ‘faith’ is only as good as your life today. 

Your confidence has great reward

Monday Nov 09, 2020

We can understand faith in so many ways. Yes, the faith to receive miracles of healing, faith to receive answers to prayer, but also the CONFIDENCE we have in our Christian walk. Faith should be, that when we get out of bed in the morning, we are confident God is with us. When we open the front door and step out into the day’s life, whatever is in store, we have confidence. It is confidence in God that has always boosted my life, bolstered my life, supported and strengthened my life. 

The greatness of God

Friday Nov 06, 2020

The Bible tries to explain to us the greatness of God, the wonder of God. The hymn writers speak about it, the psalms speak about it… But in John 14, Jesus is saying, “I am One with the Father”! He says, “When I go to My Father, I will then pray My Father, and He will send the Holy Spirit (who also is part of God), and He, the Holy Spirit, will dwell in YOU forever!” It was the Holy Spirit IN Jesus that worked the miracles! And when we receive the Holy Spirit, Christ dwells IN us! And if Christ dwells in us, the Power of God dwells in us. We have that Power IN us!

The Lord God Creator

Monday Nov 02, 2020

Our God is the Lord God who created Heaven and earth. We call Him Father, yet He is the greatest Power ever known in the universe! The Creator! Who is God? The word for God in Genesis is plural, Elohim. We understand Him as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus has been existent from before the beginning of time, the ‘I AM’. He doesn’t change! Understanding God as Creator is integral to comprehending His character: the Prophet Jeremiah says of Him, 'Sovereign Lord, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for You' (32.17).

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