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What is your inheritance through Christ? Part 2

Monday Jun 28, 2021

So many look at the Promises of Scripture, at the Promises of Pentecost, and they say, “That’s for the past, it’s historic, it doesn’t apply today.” It is so easy to know what is in the Bible, but then dismiss it. We read it, study it, preach it, ‘spiritualise’ it, until there is a danger that we make it mean something else. But everything in the Bible can happen today! Don’t limit God. I want to challenge you to a new kind of faith. We are commanded to go in and possess all the blessings which God has promised.  1 Corinthians 12:31 says, ‘Covet the best gifts’. When I first received the Holy Spirit, I was thinking, “What gifts do I want?” I said, “Lord, more than anything else, give me the Gift of Faith” – because I saw that one gift as the major key that would open the door into all the rest of them! I can never claim to have the Gift of Faith, because I want to tell you quite bluntly, that gift is only as good as your ‘today’ – you have only got the Gift of Faith if you can put it into action today!!!

What is your inheritance through Christ? Part 1

Friday Jun 25, 2021

What is our inheritance through Christ? According to Paul in Ephesians, our inheritance down here is the Power of the Holy Spirit to fulfil the ministry of Jesus. Yet the Scripture is also very clear – we DO inherit the land! The question is, which ‘land’ do we inherit? The Gospel message we preach is of the Kingdom of Heaven. Scripture is clear, the teaching of Jesus is clear – our inheritance is in Heaven. In that sense, our inheritance is not in this time period on earth – it’s in the Kingdom of God! 

We need a second Baptism of Fire (Acts 1) Pt 3

Monday Jun 21, 2021

I’m personally coming out of this lockdown with a massive prayer for another baptism of the Holy Spirit! So, like those early believers, who are realising that Jesus IS alive and that EVERY prophecy IS going to be fulfilled, let’s wait in our ‘Jerusalem’ to receive Power – let’s come out of this time of lockdown and recession, waiting and seeking for another outpouring of the Holy Spirit, another revelation of Power and of Glory! Come on! I’m raising a challenge: 'Father, open people’s eyes, and Lord, let us see another Pentecost transform a Church coming out of lockdown. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.'

We need a second Baptism of Fire (Acts 1) Pt 2

Friday Jun 18, 2021

Jesus was always preaching on the coming Kingdom, to such an extent that the early church that they believed Jesus was going to return within a very short period. But Jesus told the disciples in Acts 1v7, “It’s not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father has put in His Own Power.”

We need a second Baptism of Fire (Acts 1) Pt 1

Monday Jun 14, 2021

Coming out of lockdown, we are moving into a very different world. Everyone from the government down is assessing what our future is. I’m concerned about the future, and concerned about the Church. What condition is the Church in? How will it emerge after lockdown? I want to look at the Church, beginning in the Acts of the Apostles. Luke, as he begins writing the Book of Acts, reminds us that he has already written an account of all that Jesus ‘began to do and teach, until the day in which He was taken up into Heaven after the Resurrection’. Luke tells us that Jesus taught His Disciples, the Apostles, after the Resurrection. I want to look at this fact that Jesus clearly taught right up until His Ascension. 

That we might know Christ and the Power of the Resurrection (Philippians 3) Pt 3

Friday Jun 11, 2021

We should look on our future positively, full of God-given opportunities. What I’m seeing and believing and praying into is a future that is far more glorious than the past! But ONLY if we take advantage of what God can do! We’ve got to change our thinking, go back to the beginning, rethink everything until we can take advantage of the future God has planned: forgetting those things which are behind, press forward to what God has got in front, towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!

That we might know Christ and the Power of the Resurrection (Philippians 3) Pt 2

Monday Jun 07, 2021

We have to accept suffering. We need to teach this more to Christians, that suffering is an ‘acceptable’ part of our lives. We are called to KNOW Christ, the Power of His Resurrection – AND the fellowship of His sufferings! If you are called to suffer – it is because Christ suffered! You don’t hear me grumbling about the fact that I was in a communist prison for one year. The fact that I didn’t suffer any after effects is because when I came out, I was filled with the Glory of the Resurrection! I know what cancer is, I’ve had it twice – but God took it away! I’ve had so many other things. But I have health, and I’m not afraid of suffering. In the early days of my Bible smuggling, people were afraid for me, “What are you doing? You’re going behind the Iron Curtain, you’re going to be put in prison!” But what is that? Jesus got put in a prison! If I go in a prison, I’m only sharing HIS suffering. Paul is passionate about identifying himself with Christ’s suffering, even to His death.

That we might know Christ and the Power of the Resurrection (Philippians 3) Pt 1

Friday Jun 04, 2021

Our experience in Christ cannot be defined by obedience to physical observances and ceremonies. Today so many within the Church call themselves ‘Christians’, not because of a born again experience, a new birth, but simply because they are adhering to the teachings and traditions, of the ‘Church’. Church, as the world sees it, is more identified by its ceremonial, than by the reality of the new birth. So many things are considered to be the way into salvation, even the Roman Catholic Mass (communion) is seen as a sacrament, adding grace upon grace each time it is received. I take communion, I’m sure you do, but this does not replace Christ’s command that, in order to enter into your salvation and to see the Kingdom of God, you must be born again!

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