David Hathaway

All will be well! (featuring Vinesong)

August 10, 2015

I know many of you listening face difficulties and sicknesses, yet those problems will soon come to an end. I want to show how in your trials there is an answer, but sometimes that answer comes through hardship. In Mark 5 a ruler of the synagogue came to Jesus because his daughter was dying. He pleaded with Jesus to come to his house, saying, "Come and lay Your hands on her, that she may be healed, and she will live." What a tremendous statement! Today, in your tragedy, in your battle to survive, reach out and find Jesus. He will answer. He has all power!

Make this declaration of faith as Vinesong sing: 'All will be well, the Son of God is on my side, all will be well!'
'It is well with my soul' and 'All will be well' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

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