David Hathaway

Day of Judgment (featuring Vinesong)

October 19, 2015

There is a tremendous battle between good and evil. Sometimes we are tempted to think that evil is winning. But I want to tell you on the authority of God's Word that He will get the victory! Jesus says in John 12:31, 'Now is the judgment of the world, and the prince of the world, that is the evil one, will be cast out'. Thank God for the words of the Bible. There is a day coming when the good that is God will overcome the evil which is the devil. Even if we do not see the judgment on ungodly men, the Bible is very clear, there is a day of judgment. Death is not the end, it does not mean oblivion and no future. The Bible says after death comes judgment, and we need to be prepared for this. 

'Thy Kingdom Come' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com, 'The Mighty Kingdom' used by kind permission of www.audionautix.com

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