David Hathaway

Easter Message: Great joy awaits you! (with Vinesong)

April 12, 2020

This is a day of celebration, because we remember passing through death into life. We mustn’t live in pain and fear because of the lockdown but live with joy and excitement for the freedom which awaits. The Scripture teaches that Jesus for the joy which was before Him endured the cross. Come on, be full of joy this Easter for great joy awaits you! I know for myself, when this lockdown is lifted, it will be like a resurrection experience. I am bursting with energy and enthusiasm to preach the Gospel and see souls saved into the Kingdom!

‘The church of Christ, we now must stand, to give our all to bless this land. From every tribe we now must come, around Your throne to be as one.’ The Cross of Christ by www.vinesong.com

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