David Hathaway

God keeps His promises

December 14, 2020

To me, the most powerful prayers in the Bible are in the Old Testament. As Solomon kneels on that altar in 2 Chronicles 6, he’s crying out to God to FULFIL every Promise, to VERIFY all the Promises He has made! There should come a time in our own praying when we are calling on God to fulfil His Promises!!! This is why we need to pray over the Word of God! We need to SEEK the Word of God! Whatever my crisis, I SEEK God through His Word! God never, ever fails! God has never once – in all my 70 years of ministry – failed to keep the Promises He has made to me! That applies to everything, not just healings, but to every single thing! I STAND ON THE WORD OF GOD – AND GOD ANSWERS!

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