David Hathaway

I know He is alive! (featuring Vinesong)

March 30, 2015

This Easter God wants to give you a message of forgiveness and restoration, a message of love and of healing. 2000 years ago Jesus went to the cross and died, but He didn't stay in the grave; just as the Scriptures foretold, Jesus rose from the dead. You cannot see Him, I cannot see Him, but I know He is alive. Because He lives again we can come out of the past into a new life, a new hope. Even as you listen to this podcast He will heal your broken heart, He will soothe the wounds of the past. The Bible says of Jesus, 'He will not crush those who are weak, or quench the smallest hope; He came to deliver those who are oppressed, downtrodden, bruised and crushed' (Matthew 12:20, Luke 4:18).

'To God be the Glory' and 'Lamb of God' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com