David Hathaway

The Fire of God (featuring Vinesong)

March 23, 2015
We need the fire of the Spirit to bring revival to our lives. We must cry out from the depth of our soul: 'Holy Spirit we need You, fire deep inside.' I was so excited when I read in Leviticus 6:13 that when the priests lit the fire they were told it must never go out! I received the fire of God when I was 13 and it has never gone out! I've seen too many people who allow the fire to fade, but if the fire is from God, the command is that you must not let it go out! The Apostle Paul told his protegee Timothy: you must fan into flame the gift of God (2 Timothy 1:6). It's your responsibility to keep it burning.

'Holy Ghost Fire' and 'Dios es Amor' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com