David Hathaway

There is power in the Bible (with Vinesong)

August 1, 2016

There is a power in the Word of God that transforms and revolutionises our lives; it is a power to heal the sick, raise the dead and bring new life to a troubled soul. That is why, when we declare the Word of God, miracles happen. It is not us, it's God fulfilling His Word. It is so easy to know what is in the Bible, but then dismiss it. We read it, study it, preach it, 'spiritualise' it, until there is a danger that we make it mean something else. But everything in the Bible can happen today! Don't limit God. I want to challenge you to a new kind of faith. We are commanded to go in and possess all the blessings which God has promised. Get into the Word of God, search for and mark every promise that you want in your life, and then claim them by faith!

'In Your presence' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

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