David Hathaway

We need a revelation of the Power of God!

October 12, 2020

What we need now is a revelation and demonstration of who God is! When I was in prison for Bible smuggling so many people wrote to me, telling me God would look after me, that I would be released at the end of my sentence… No! I have SEEN THE POWER OF GOD! So, I challenged the Lord, “If You could work a powerful miracle 2000 years ago and break open the prison doors and get Paul and Silas out, I want to SEE YOUR POWER NOW! Not just in the past, but now that I’m in difficulty, in trouble! I WANT TO SEE YOUR POWER IN MY LIFE! God not only opened my prison doors, He sent the British Prime Minister, so I came out in a blaze of publicity!!! WOW! Only because I wouldn’t give in! Get into agreement with God’s Word. Don’t accept mediocrity and failure. Claim the victory in Jesus Name!

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